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About our Walks

All walks begin as a private session. This is to ensure that your dog receives undivided attention as both walker and dog get to know each other. On request group walks can be organized once a full assessment of your pet has been made to determine their personality, recall, sensitivities to external stimuli (other pets, children, loud noises, foraging, etc.).Pets are only placed in group walks if requested and only after they can be paired with other dogs of similar personality (max 3 dogs per group) and at times that work for you and your dog. Again, the safety and overall enjoyment of you pets walk is our #1 concern.

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the “check-in’

$15 + GST
Perfect for quick bathroom break and refill for their water and food bowls. Perfect for those dogs that just need a little help to break up their day, or need help taking mid-day medication.


30 min walk

$25 + GST
A great way to have some time outside to do some important “business” and have a little social time.

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60 min walk

$35 + GST
If your puppy (at heart) needs to burn off some energy, this option is a great way to make sure they’re happy and tired when you get home. This gives your dog enough time outside to explore, run and spend time doing what they love.

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Starting at $75/hour + GST
Practice makes perfect! Training your puppy or dog can be the most frustrating and rewarding thing you ever do with your dog. I’m here to help you every step of the way. Training is tailored to each client and their dog. Training packages are available on request.